The climate crisis is here. 

Nearly all of New York City is at risk of dangerous flooding.

The New York- New Jersey Storm Surge Working Group is an alliance of expert scientists, urban planners, engineers, architects and media specialists advocating for a regional defense system to protect communities across New York and New Jersey from devastating flooding from extreme storms.

Rising sea levels and storm surges are already creating catastrophes in coastal cities.

Homes, schools, airports, subways, businesses, homes, and millions of livelihoods are at risk.

Our team of experts suggests effective regional solutions, founded on accurate science, to prevent serious flood damage.

Storm Surge Working Group members explain why flooding is an extreme threat, and the importance of effective mitigation, for New York and New Jersey (Stony Brook University News).

Storm Surge Working Group members explain why a regional system is necessary to prevent devastating floods across New York, directly advocating to elected officials and the general public (CBS 2 News).

Ten years later, coastal New York and New Jersey still lack protective infrastructure against future floods. 

In 2005, Distinguished Professor, Oceanographer, & Storm Surge Working Group Chair Malcolm Bowman, published an op-ed in the New York Times, just after Hurricane Katrina's devastating toll on Louisiana. 

Chair Bowman urged the City of New York to heed warning and prepare for similar extreme weather events that will have dangerous implications. 

Less than 10 years later, Dr. Bowman was proven correct with the intense landfall of Superstorm Sandy and devastating storm surge.