Technical Reports

New York City Council; Resiliency & Waterfronts Committee, Nov. 10, 2020: Jessica Steinberg Albin, Patrick Mulvihill, Jonathan Seltzer OVERSIGHT: FEMA, FLOOD INSURANCE AND RESILIENCY ALONG THE WATERFRONT 

M.J. Bowman, M.J., K.J. Roberts, H.M. Bowman, 2019.  Analysis of Additional Surge likely to be experienced outside a fully closed Sandy Hook-Breezy Point Storm Surge Barrier. Metropolitan NY-NJ-LI Storm Surge Working Group Technical Bulletin #21, pp. 11.

M.J. Bowman, D. Hill, F. Buonaiuto, B. Colle, R. Flood, R.E. Wilson, P. Cheng, Y. Zheng, 2005. Hydrologic Feasibility of Storm Surge Barriers to Protect the Metropolitan New York-New Jersey Region. Final Report to New York Sea Grant, pp. 108