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Lest We Forget

This is an assembly of video clips going back to the catastrophic Dutch flood of 1953. The videos are clustered under six (6) headings;

1) Storm surge/Sandy video montage and other local Background

2) Storm Surge Explained 

3) Storm Surge Barrier Deployment, New Bedford and other New England Hurricane Barriers 

4) NY-NJ-LI Storm Surge Protection 

5) International examples

6) Sandy era videos

7) Panel Archive

Section 1. Storm surge/Sandy montage, and other local background videos

These Five Videos show the catastrophic Dutch Flood of January 1953

A link to view an additional slideshow showcasing the damages from the 1953 Flood.

An additional article discussing the 1953 Flood.

Dutch Flood 1953

Storms and Floods hit Europe 1953

Hundreds Die in Dutch Floods

Rotterdam & the 1953 North Sea Flood Disaster

Hurricane Sandy Hits the Surfside Motel in Howard Beach

What the Lowlands can teach about warding off high water

Section 2.  Storm Surge Explained 

Presented to the SoMAS community by Professor Malcolm Bowman, Hamish Bowman, and Keith Roberts.

Understanding Storm Surge

Storm Surge Explained in 3D

Not All Storm is the Same

Storm Tracker

Section 3. Storm Surge Barrier Deployment; New Bedford and other New England Hurricane Barriers

Various newscast segments including before/during Sandy, showing deployment of both harbor gates and adjacent landside deployable barrier (which required a not insignificant effort and might put some of the deployable aspects of Big U-like projects in a realistic light).  Protection afforded to New Bedford during Sandy provides implicit  comparison with both NY-NJ Sandy experience and background re: some of the deployables that might be needed for local projects. 

Hurricane Barrier Holds Strong

Fox Point Barrier Withstands Sandy

New Barrier Cam Installed at Fox Point

A Rare LOOK Inside The Hurricane Barrier - New Bedford, MA

Section 4.  NY-NJ Storm Surge Protection  

Examples of Conceptual Regional Storm Surge Barrier Systems presented at the 2009 Conference "Against the Deluge: Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City".  Conference sponsored by the Infrastructure Group of the Metropolitan Section of ASCE; Environmental Sciences Section of the New York Academy of Sciences; Department of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York University. Publication sponsored by the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE March 30-31.. 

New York Outer Harbor Gateway 

Presented by Halcrow Engineering (now Jacobs Engineering)

Arcadis/DPI - Verrazano Narrows Storm Surge Barrier New York

Presented by Arcadis NV

Section 5. International Barriers

St Petersburg Flood Barrier, Russia

Section 6. Sandy Era Videos

Dan Rather Reports: Superstorm Sandy

Date : xx

Debate ensues into how to best protect NY-NJ Harbor from future disaster 

March 2019

Coastal Storm Awareness Program: Trailer for Documentary Short 

May 2016

Forum to be held on Fire Island breach

 December 2013

MyLITV: Protecting The East Coast From Future Storms

 November 2013

Documentary: Sandy's Hidden Damage

 October 2013

NOAA Ocean Today: The Making of a Super Storm 

October 2013

Maine Beaches Conference held in South Portland 

July 2013

NY1: NYC Mayor To Propose Installation Of Removable Steel Panels In Some Waterfront Areas

 May 2013

Mother Jones: After Sandy, Scientists Hunt for Sewage in New York City's Harbors 

February 2013

Nature: Hurricane Sandy - After The Storm 

(February 2013)

News 12 Long Island: The Next Big One - Fuel for Thought 

February 2013

CNN Presents: 'The Coming Storms'

 (January 2013)

CNN Presents: 'The Coming Storms' - Preview 

(January 2013)

CNN Presents: 'The Coming Storms' - Commercial 

(January 2013)

WNYC: How Can We Save NYC from the Next Sandy?

 (January 2013)

BBC: Sandy - Anatomy of a Superstorm

 (December 2012)

SoMAS Lecture: Storm Surge From Superstorm Sandy: Causes and Impacts

 (November 2012)

Regional News Network: After the Storm Could All The Flooding Have Been Avoided

 (November 2012)

PBS News Hour: Protecting New York From Future Superstorms as Sea Levels Rise 

November 2012

PBS News Hour: Rolling Gates at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (ARCADIS) 

November 2012

PBS News Hour: Swing Gates and a Bridge at Arthur Kill (CDM Smith) 

November 2012

PBS NOVA: Inside the Megastorm 

November 2012

NBC Rock Center W/ Brian Williams: Hurricane Sandy

 November 2012

ABC News: Superstorm Sandy Spurs Talk of Sea Barrier for New York 

November 2012

NBC News: Hurricane Sandy provides 'wake-up call' for cities at risk of flooding 

November 2012

NBC News: NYC flood was foreseen: Now what? 

October 2012

Section 7. Panel Archive

October 6, 2021


Chair, Malcolm Bowman,

USACE, Col. Luzzato